Gordon Barker

All cards by artist Gordon Barker.

Gordon Barker’s interest in art was sparked at a young age. He spent hours drawing and painting from his imagination and enjoyed creating abstract scenes and interesting compositions.
Encouraged by his teacher, his school life revolved around his art and at a later age he was encouraged to attend art school in London. He decided instead to go into the world of work, but art remained his passion.
Later down the road, Gordon turned his attention fully to his art career and dived into painting oils on canvas. He focused on landscapes and seascapes and developed his distinctive colourful, naïve style. He soon built up a client base including the owner of Gap, for whom he undertook a commission to paint one of the London stores. This painting now hangs in New York. Many other commissions have been completed for private individuals and companies all over the world. Gordon’s paintings, prints and fine art cards are sold in shops and galleries throughout the UK and are appreciated by people with a fun, vibrant take on life!
He says, “I love painting and coming up with new ideas and ways of challenging myself with new work. I revel in starting with a plain piece of paper or canvas and painting a picture that tells a story”.
All of his work features his cat and dog… a wonderful little addition to such joyful artwork.